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We are dedicated to equipping children with effective products and tools designed to promote a more positive and healthier lifestyle. Allow us to support your children with understanding and developing self-worth, resilience and optimism. 

Meet Aaron Bailey and Nancy Cameron


Aaron. From the age of 18 Aaron felt the most unhelpful thoughts would normally pop into mind during challenging and frustrating moments. He started his journey of understanding the power within ourselves, by using various calming strategies such as meditation and exercise. Aaron wanted to create a condition of learning that would help children to unlock more positive thoughts. To be grounded we must first be mindful, which is why mindful practices every day is an essential part to self-development. 


Nancy. As a child Nancy has always found it difficult to control her emotions due to traumatic experiences she endured at a young age. Working in a school gave her a better understanding on why children supress their feelings and struggle to shift their thoughts from negative to positive. Nancy noticed that although school has its educational benefits something was still missing, the addition of mindful activities enabling children to be more conscious of their actions is something she feels schools should introduce.  

Together they are BAILEYANDCAM

Both Aaron and Nancy shared the desire to produce products that would impact the youth. After careful thought and planning they launched their first book in November 2021 titled 'Grow Mindful' which is based around  Affirmations, Gratitude, Kindness and much more. BAILEYANDCAM was created to inspire kids to become better individuals and live their best life. 


If a child cannot learn the way we teach, we should teach the way they learn- Ignacio Estrada

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